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Backup MySQL Database With SQL Yog

After Read a Post about Safely Backup MySQL Database With SQL Yog,

Bulk SQL Statement and Non Bulk Insert Statement


Backup MySQL Database Safely as SQL File with SQL Yog

Below is the step by step we doing a MySQL Database backup with SQL Yog :

1. Right Click A Database

Backup MySQL, SQL Yog, Bulk Insert
Figure 1.
2. Choose Back Up Database
3. Choose Backup Options
Backup MySQL, SQL Yog, Bulk Insert
Figure 2.
4. Export and done.

The Explanation of Figure 2
  • All Check on table, stored procedure and trigger mean The backup doing all backup include table, views, stored procedure, trigger, event and function
  • Structure and Data Check mean The Backup doing a Data and Structure Backup.
  • File Name is a Must.
  • Do not Check Use Bulk Insert Statement if you have a database that has great size.


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